One of my earliest memories is watching my beloved grandfather joyfully take beautiful black and white family snapshots… and photography has been my passion ever since. Today I cherish those childhood memories more than I can say and love nothing more than to make people happy by giving them the gift of those precious but fleeting moments in life, captured for eternity.

For me, photography is all about that special human connection and being able to bring out the unique beauty in each and every person who finds their way in front of my lens. My job is only done when I have managed to make you feel beautiful, comfortable in your own skin, when your happiness truly shines through – creating authentic, timeless images you will love and treasure forever.

I strongly believe that love is love and it doesn’t discriminate. LGBT rights are a cause very dear to my heart and I feel absolutely honored to capture engagements, weddings, celebrations and other precious moments in your life, no matter whom you love !

As a destination wedding photographer I am truly blessed to be able to combine my passion for traveling with my love for people and photography. No journey is too far and you deserve to have the the photos of your dreams, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information, pricing or just to say hi.